History Of A Penny Domed Bracelet " A Wonderful Conversation Peice"

  1/1891 & 1/1888 coin was a one-cent coin produced by the United States Bureau of the Mint from 1859-1909.  It was designed by James Barton Longacre, the Cheif Engraver at the Philadelphia Mint.  Two 1943 Lincoln's Steel Cent, also known as a steel war penny or steelie, was a variety of the U.S. one-cent coin which was struck in steel due to wartime shortages of copper.  It used the same design that Victor David Brenner had made in 1909 for the copper Lincoln cent.   1/1975 & 1/1985 Lincoln cent, designed by Victor David Brenner, first entered circulation in 1909. These particular coins have the Lincoln Memorial design on the tails side.  Which was put on in 1959. Another thing to notice is the 1985 & 1975 pennies are thinner than the others. "Get more History of the pennies,  READ UP! "

1/1891 penny, 1/1888 penny, 2/1943 pennies 1/1975 penny and 1/1985 penny  / Brass beads / Silver wiring / Length 7" / Silver Toggle Clasp


*Metals will vary due to nature of antiques and lighting. 






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